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Message Subject got arrested for the first time tonight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So stupid i always disliked the law and now i dislike it far more. I was driving to my gf's house (literally two miles away in distance). Turned right from a one lane road to a two lane road, my turn after is like maybe 300 feet away so i skipped the first lane. I do this all the time and see lots of people do it. Bam pulled over. I get nervous when i get pulled over so my hands were shaking a little cop thought i was under the influence of something gave me a sobriety test. I Failed somehow and he searched my car finding my weed stash which had less than 3 grams.

I get arrested because of that and possible dui. I passed the doctors test at the jail but still got slammed with two tickets. one for the traffic violation 300$. the other for possesion of weed 1000$. My car got towed so all in all i owe 1500$. wtf?

I dont sell (never did) , i dont steal, dont do anything i would consider bad especially in the eyes of the law. Why must good people get in trouble for something so small and have to pay big? I mean if i sold drugs i would understand but no.. What you guys think?
 Quoting: you know who 1750328

You could have kept that down to the tow bill if you knew your rights.

You had the right to refuse that breathalyser.

You had the right to refuse your car being searched.

The $1300 in violation fines you owe because you are ignorant of your own rights.
 Quoting: Deaf Cat in the Blue Hat

Sorry sweetie it don't work that way....
once he committed the crime(driving offense) they had "probable cause".....
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