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Message Subject School suspends 7-year-old for shaping breakfast pastry into 'shape of a gun'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Day after day reading articles like this underscores a need for school board reform. Parents with commonsense need to take control.

Also get the feds out of education. Education is a local issue that should be determined by the citizens and not by a bloated federal bureaucracy with no accountability.

The Horace Mann teachers union is also responsible for the deplorable state of education in the U.S.

My mother was a teacher so I got plenty of updates on asinine education policies from the 50's to the 80's.

I was a member of various unions for about 30 years and in the past unions have done a lot of good for workers, but most of them have become as corrupt as our corporations and politicians.
 Quoting: R&y

Yup, before the schools were federalized, this sort of thing never happened.

Back when schools were at the mercy of their local communities for their funding, they went out their way to avoid upsetting the sane majority.

Back then they could not get away with this crazy crap, because they knew the people would voice their displeasure by voting no for the school bond.
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