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Message Subject School suspends 7-year-old for shaping breakfast pastry into 'shape of a gun'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This mentality is just so retarded. Who came up with this nonsense??!
Just when is it OK to expose the children to guns? I mean you have to teach them history. History and guns are pretty much tied together. Guess we cant teach them history.
My kindergardener brang a note home from his teacher cause he was play acting and "exposing" other children somehow to the very idea of cowboy type of shooting. Give me a break.
Transformers toys blast eachother...of course they are going to emulate.
Somehow this type of behavior censorship seems to me to be just mindless ignorant fear, and the sheep just let it go on, with stupider and stupider and more rediculous examples that are way beyond reasoned thinking.
Oh but it's OK that recruiters prowl the High Schools to sign up kids for the ultimate in gunplay.
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