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I wonder about the future of all ocean dwellers

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03/03/2013 09:20 AM

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I wonder about the future of all ocean dwellers
It is with great concern that I wonder about the future of all ocean dwellers. It has been proven many times over from researchers around the world just how harmful pollutants and various other extremely toxic chemicals can and have affected ocean life. As a species, humans always seem to lack foresight, vision and most of all common sense when it comes to the disposal of toxins into your environment. How on earth did you ever come to the conclusion that if you just dump all garbage into your oceans that it will be okay, that it will somehow magically disappear, that it won't affect marine life, that it somehow won't seep into the food chain, how oh how did you come up with that one? I guess I'll never truly know what your species was thinking (other than greed), perhaps you just weren't thinking or worse yet perhaps you just didn't care as to the long term effects on the planet, your food supply, your air, your drinking water. The very basic elements that are required for all species to survive, water, oxygen and food and you've managed to crap in all three, creating a path of destruction that has a domino effect on all species including you. Even a cat has the good sense to not crap in its food supply. You just cannot seem to wrap your heads around the fact that all of these toxins will come back to bite you, to haunt you, to prove to you once and for all that you and only you are responsible for the demise of the environment, the eventual demise of all species including yourselves. No need to point the finger and try to blame the next guy or anyone else, no need to make up some lame excuse, No - absolutely no need to even try to blame the 'ole scapegoat with the pitchfork - it's time to own up people - face the cold hard truth and that it is you and only you who are the village idiots responsible for the pollutants that are taking over and destroying all life in its wake on land and sea. No need to act surprised either and claim innocence suggesting you didn't know these chemicals were harmful, nothing, I repeat NOTHING, can be said or done to thwart the blame onto any other living creature. You did it to yourselves, period. It's that simple, it is that black & white - no grey area, not this time! So why did you really do it, was it greed, were you more interested in the almighty dollar, more concerned about making those billions of dollars off the pillaging and plundering of the land & sea, more obsessed with bank accounts and who has the most money, striving endlessly to create financial wealth, thinking and believing that he who has the most money wins. In a word, YES. But I ask; what has one truly won? Ironic isn't it that you've placed such a high value on creating financial wealth when in reality you're managing to destroy the very thing that keeps you all alive, this great earth. What good is all this financial gain when you’re destroying your very home in the process and if things don't alter soon, you won't be around to enjoy your so called wealth which is purely a man-made illusion anyway. Didn't quite think that one through, did you? In a world based upon instant gratification, you want want want everything, you are fed a constant diet of things, material possessions that are forced upon you commercially, and things you didn't even know you needed for your so called survival. I ask you, who among you really requires a hummer to survive, do you really need one? I don't think so! That is merely one example of the material stuff that is forced upon you, the list is endless. We all know this to be true, I'm not saying anything new here; I'm just saying it again until hopefully it sinks in thoroughly into your collective minds and thick skulls.

Con't @ [link to www.westcoasttruth.com]