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Message Subject Florida sinkhole demolishing VIDEOS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
- reason 1- there is no sinkhole

- reason 2 - there is a sinkhole, but it is something they don't want people to see. Why? Is there an underground cave they are hiding? Tunnels? Evidence of some sort?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34613724

I'm going with "reason 2"; the brother of the guy that was supposedly sucked into the sink hole claims he was pulled out by an officer.

Although fuck ... I don't know. As usual, the MSM leaves me wondering what is actually going on.

From the outside, the house always appeared to be stable, why are they demolishing the house so quickly?
Where is the sinkhole?
How is that house still standing?
 Quoting: amachiavellian

Actually, I think they waited too long to demolish the house. I think they waited for the ADD American public to grow bored with the story so they wouldn't be paying attention while they demolished the house. Most people (not glp people) only pay attention for a few hours, or perhaps a day, with a story like this. Unless the media draws attention to, most people tune out.

This way, no one is looking for the sinkhole..

A 30ft sinkhole, that is estimated to be 100ft wide at the bottom, should be easily visible by now.
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