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Message Subject Witness: Emergency Responders En Route to Sandy Hook Stopped at Red Lights
Poster Handle Gladio
Post Content
Why would emergency personnel responding to a SHOOTING at a SCHOOL stop at traffic lights on their way?

[link to blog.ctnews.com]
 Quoting: Gladio

Because nearly everyone involved in Sandy Hook thought they were playing set roles in a drill. Sirens and emergency speeding are inherently dangerous and for that reason are not used in drills - just like live ammunition. Those running a drill - DHS, FEMA, State Police would be liable for any injuries, death, and destruction.

I think Sandy Hook was a long-term, well-planned drill that threw the leading agencies into utter panic when at some point their drill "went live". Unlike fatalities caused by a speeding emergency vehicle the liability to the state of gunshot victims was unfathomable and unacceptable. I think this is the reason no EMTs were let into the building and no victims were brought out in daylight.
 Quoting: Phylax

Interesting observations.
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