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Message Subject Witness: Emergency Responders En Route to Sandy Hook Stopped at Red Lights
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Sir not all volunteer firefighters go directly to the station, i know this for a fact as i have over 12 vf in my family. Alot just report to the scene by whatever means they can get there. Hell ive seen a guy with a flashlight taped to his dash and a red lens over the light, he turns on the strobe feature and uses that as his emerg light. There are alot of dumb laws that prevent vf from responding as fast as they should be allowed too. In some states they basically just drive to the scene in their normal car, no speeding, no rushing, just get there. Sad but true, im not saying 100 percent that this is the case here im just offering up a very plausibnle reason after she clearly states that who she witnessed were the volunteers and not actual first responders.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33142471

i know.. i am vf too. but in the video, the old lady talk about cars, first responders cars.
to know it first responders cars, it must be tagged cars (police, fire, ambulance) or she cant know they are "first responder".
 Quoting: Fred-S

The term "first responder" has been drilled into our heads for years, so the fact that she says first responders doesnt really notify me to anything she may know. almost everyone calls emergency workers first responders these days.
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