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Message Subject This is why i need a 30 round magazine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If that was my vehicle, that kid would be dead after I double tap him in the chest.

POP POP, vandal gonna DROP DROP!
 Quoting: --Voltaic--

Reasonable use of deadly force?

Genuinely wondering, as you may know only criminals carry firearms in my country.

Growing up with guns being a very rare treat and/or something you see on TV, it's hard to imagine killing somebody for breaking windows.

However I do support armed citizens 100%, just to make that clear.
 Quoting: Lucky Charms

It isn't about the window.

It is about having a newborn in my car with 2 other kids of mine.

If it was just me, I might just beat the piss out of him ( I am 270 lbs 6'6") but dealing with children there is NO room for error or debate.

The vandal will be shot on the spot. In defense of my families life........it is just the way it is.
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