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Message Subject This is why i need a 30 round magazine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So what the OP is saying is that he would like to be able to shoot children with a high-powered rifle.
 Quoting: Spine monkey

No, that is what YOU want it too look like.

OP is not like the Philadelphia Branch of the Black Panthers. THEY are the ones who openly encourage murdering innocent children over racial issues.

So don't even try to justify your illogical post.

If a PERSON is threatening my personal safety or the safety of others around me whom I choose to defend, I will terminate the threat as best as possible. Which may or may not include lethal force.

If you walk up to me and say "Hello", I would greet you back with equal kind. If you come up to me and threaten my well being, I will terminate the threat on the spot. BTW, terminate meaning ending it peacefully OR with force.
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