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Message Subject This is why i need a 30 round magazine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What I the hell is this shit?

I can't believe this.
 Quoting: Astral Goat

This is, believe it or not, TNB. (Look it uP) If the winy "we are the world" multi-culti types had to live among and experience "dazzling urban yoots" they would be forced to experience reality. The reality is, blacks are extremely violent and dangerous no matter how much we give them.

As soon as you get more the 2 of them together it activates the " act like n****** " gene and you get this. They are animals and if you self hating whites don't shed the the induced guilt complex they are going to KILL many if you. This happens in every city in the USA with high concentrations of african bad_eggafter_boom

Blacks = 12% of US population
Of the 12,000 murders committed every year in the USA, over 75% are committed by blacks. What. The. Fuck?

Do you you realize if we didn't have blacks we'd have the lowest crime rate in the world???
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