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Message Subject This is why i need a 30 round magazine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Proper response from Respectful Black male.

 Quoting: wattsun

I like this video. It shows there are decent black people out there. Unfortunately, the numbers of punks are growing and the numbers of GOOD, MORAL black people are fading.

This isn't a black problem anymore. This is a National issue now.

Something must be done or else the inevitable will happen.........I hate to even say it but humans are capable of the best AND worst.

If this shit isn't under control 10 years from now there will be black genocide. I am not endorsing at all, just speaking the truth of life on Earth.

You black trouble makers out there, better wise up fast. If mankind can burn millions of white people in camps (ww2), what do you think they will do to YOU when civilized people finally had enough? Or they make it impossible to keep civilization up.

Wake up, wake the fuck up!
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