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Message Subject marijuana cannabinoids THE TRUTH NEEDS TO BE TOLD....
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
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HolyDiver I had a family member perish from the effects of metastic breast cancer that spread to her brain. I watched first hand how the chemotherapy and radiation treatments reiked havoc on her body and diminished her quality of life. I know now that the chemo & radiation treatments served to weaken her immune system and likely facilitated the spread of cancer through her body.

If you had a family member experience this and new there was a natural plant that had few & marginal side effects and could provide much needed relief and inhibit the growth & spread of cancer cells and prolong your family members life - how would you feel about the federal government or any politician or pharmaceutical company telling you that your family member should not have access to the substance because they stand to profit from withholding it from the public?

I think it's a crime and an absolute travesty. Government and private interest groups prove time and time again they are not in the business of promoting individuals well-being and saving their lives, only profitting off of them. They don't care about people dying or suffering, only the dollar signs.
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