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Message Subject marijuana cannabinoids THE TRUTH NEEDS TO BE TOLD....
Poster Handle Holy_Diver
Post Content
Besides, who are you to tell a person how they must treat their condition/disease? It's their body is it not? Since when should the Federal Government or any other politician/judge have authority over your own body? Is that not a god-given and unalienable right to have authority over your own body?

Forget about me, how about an Insurance provider? They do it all the time. "I can give you pot every day for the rest of your life, or you can have this one-shot treatment that will eliminate glaucoma for 1/10th the cost. Hmmmm, lemme think..."

Robert Randall had severe glaucoma but the other 13 patients who qualified for the program suffered from a variety of others conditions and diseases. If you only focus on the glaucoma you lose sight of the issue at hand. Irv Rosenfeld suffers from a condition where tumors grow at the end of all of the long bones in his body and exact pressure on his joints & muscles and produce extreme pain. Should he be forced to use an alternative treatment or prescription drug to treat his very serious condition when he has found that marijuana works effectively for him and with little side effects?


 Quoting: Anhedonic

Again, it would be up the Insurance Provider.

What about the case of Gallavious Pimpjones Robinson, who suffers from crippling anxiety disorder whenever he leaves his house? His Dr, Doctor Spaceman of Herverd Medical by Mail, says he absolutely has to have it, and a LOT OF IT, so he can also help some neighborhood children with their poblems.

And should we, as a state, be handing this stuff out on the taxpayer's dime for the uninsured?

Gallavious thinks we should.

I dont.
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