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Message Subject marijuana cannabinoids THE TRUTH NEEDS TO BE TOLD....
Poster Handle Holy_Diver
Post Content
lol that chantix has virtually no side effects. lol at it being effective either. it is effective while you are taking it, sure. when you stop taking it, you go right back to smoking. and wtf is chantix anyway, and what long term effects does it have on your brain? glad your wife is a guinea pig for that crap.

and lol at moron who thinks pot shouldn't be legal until it doesn't produce euphoria... who the f is against euphoria? people laughing and smiling really bothers you that much? go hang out with dude whose wife is on chantix... i am sure she is never euphoric.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14751993

First of all, I'm both guys. My wife and I both took Chantix for about Two Weeks and had no side effects except some fun dreams which we might've had anyway, who knows?

You're a tard, because you don't even know how it works. While you are taking it (Your terms) you still smoke. You're supposed to. You keep taking it until you realize one day that you don't need to smoke, don't want to smoke, and would rather do just about anything else but smoke.

That's it. Both of us have not smoked so much as one hit off a cigarette since then, and we stopped taking it about a week after we stopped smoking, just to be safe. We didn't have weight gain, mood swings, anything of the sort. That was over two years ago now. You could not pay me to smoke a cigarette, and when I see people smoking, I wonder how I ever convinced myself to be "that guy".

What is a Chantix? It's a blocker. It blocks your nicotine receptors so you no longer gain any benefit from a cigarette.

We have saved thousands of dollars, can breathe better, and we don't smell like someone took a shit in an ashtray.

* * *

As for your other problem with me, I love Euphoric people who are laughing and having fun IN CONTEXT Of something. High people are just idiots laughing at nothing without any context. You're raising your hand to the world of the initiated saying "Hey! Look at me! I'm a complete tool and not only that but a Tard to boot!"

So, noted, you're a tard who prefers to smell like someone took a shit in an ashtray.

Good, quality folk.
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