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Message Subject Now that Obama said he is not a dictator, can you nuts just leave the man alone!
Poster Handle TCS
Post Content
No matter what my brother does, you will always have entitled white crackers begrudging that a black man rules them. Racist motherfuckers blinded by their hate of my brothers and my sisters, too dumb to see our President is actually doing a good job.
 Quoting: TyronJones

Sigmund Freud defined hate as an “ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness”.
Freud was wrong about a lot of things but he was onto something there. The truth is that if every black man was removed from the US, a black man with hate would not stop hating. Same goes for whites who hates blacks. It would only get redirected and the hate would continue unabated.

Now knowing this, you have to look within and find the true source of your unhappiness. Otherwise, every time you’re around a white man/woman and they look at you with disdain (remember, white people have ego states of hate too), that will trigger your emotions to feel slighted and the vicious cycle repeats its self until you die.

The truth is this: No white man has the power to cause you to be unhappy and therefore, you should not hate the white man because hate is the ultimate source of most of your unhappiness.

People have a sixth sense about other people. When we look into someone's eyes, we see their souls. If we met and I looked into your eyes, I would see that my skin color made you unhappy and you would see me reflecting that back to you. I have no problem with black people because I’ve met enough of them to know that they are just the same as white people except for their skin color. Yes, their cultures are different, and therefore they will think differently than me. So what? They also look different than me in that they are of another skin color and this too will effect the dynamics of how we perceive each other. Again, so what? We are all sharing this little speck of dust in the huge universe and we’re all here for such a short while. To think it would be spent hating and being unhappy has got to be the biggest crime we can commit against ourselves.

Put away the hate and become free to live this one-shot-at-life that you’ve been given... and be HAPPY.
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