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Message Subject Sperling Admits Obama Misled in Debate: The President Did Propose the Sequester
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content

thanks DF hf

we all know that during the debates the media knew obama was lying about a lot of things this is just one of them, and they said nothing. the only one to speak up about anything was candy crowely and we all know that she lied through her teeth about what obama said in the rose garden about benghazi. it was a set up as she had the "paper" waiting on her desk when obama asked for it...
 Quoting: davvi

Complete set up.
 Quoting: Desert Fox

i think it was, but DF in my opinion Romney should not have been there in the first place. when i looked at the list of moderators and debate venues, the first thing i thought to myself is how far will the media go to get this obama clown elected? and obviously candy pulled out all of the stops.

why does our side never object to these blatantly biased moderators?
 Quoting: davvi

I really don't know, I have watched the leftest commies swing debates for decades, and no real out cry.
 Quoting: Desert Fox

maybe it is time to really shake things up? maybe it is time to stop rolling over to the demands of the left. if i were running i would insist on two debates, one with a liberal jackass and one with, umm...brit hume or someone with an ounce of integrity.

i think they tried that once and the squealing from the left was deafening...
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