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Subject Gargoyles in a suitcase..what's in your pocket?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
With Kudos to Darkzen for his work,
The Gargoyles in the suit case are not true gargoyles ( water spouts aka gullets) they are a representation quite smiler to the ones in Paris, France, at Notre Dame ( Our Dame ) where, BTW, the french is where we get the word gargoyle.
In unraveling, the meaning of their presence at DIA, we must go back to..yes, believe it or not, the day the music died. Do we look at Don McLean, who winks and nods when asked about the meaning in the song?
No we take another course back tracking the artist, Terry Allen, who sculptored the Notre Dame look alikes, and was greatly affected by the deaths of Buddy Holly and David Box, both of whom he knew,to the Texas/Mexican Border and to Del Rio and the haunted highway 90.
In the 1950's a DJ across the border was the gargoyle of Rock music. Gargoyle= music from the gullet.
The DJ was Wolf Man Jack ( Union Jack...werewolves of London, holding clues )
Also Many UFO sightings were reported (as you have Laughlin Air base near by.)
The rush for Buddy Holly ( Holy Body ) to fly that night in 1959, to Dallas was to wash his laundry hoping to get there earlier; he had said to his band, the Crickets, his clothes( in his suit case )had not been washed in weeks. Some "seers" have said that it was actually a gargoyle in his baggage that upset instruments and caused the crash...fast forward to 1964. David Box, A Buddy Holly "sound alike" ,took over as lead singer for the Crickets. He boards a Plane headed for Texas and A gargoyle is said to sit in his suitcase. His plane crashed and he died.
The two "gargoyles" at the DIA are called NOTRE DENVER, French for OUR D'anver..or our Green Valley. who is "WE"? Next, you may want to visit the "Gateway" Green Valley Ranch Branch Library where some interesting books are found..but that is another story. To cue your interest note that the address for the Library is 4856 N.Andes ct. ( see Ezekial vision for the importance of North ) 4=plus 8 plus 5 plus 6 =23 2 plus 3 = 5
the zip code is 80249. 8 plus 2 plus 4 plus 9=23 2 plus 3 =5
the phone number is 720 865 0310. 7 plus 2 plus 8 plus 6 plus 3 plus 1 =32 3 plus 2 = 5
That should wet your appetite..:)
The gargoyles, located on level 5 of the DIA ,it is said, was placed there to guard the baggage which was in hopeless situation before their arrival.
My guess? The Gargoyles are scanners to see what you have in your wallet ( baggage )

But who knows..is there a colony of Earthlings on the planet mars...and are they the missing 1 1/2 millions of children and adults every year...Seeyeenissterrrr! :)
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