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Message Subject Gargoyles in a suitcase..what's in your pocket?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have a new venture.

A new website. wwww.oppt-in-washington.org

I hope you like it ! grinning


uh, ummm eye uh mmmm see.
The plunge from a 1600 ft roller coaster is fatal. it will generate about 10 g's of force.
"said note" is; not: nor, "ever" can ;be; "reserve note"

"Perhaps OUR Constitution Should Be Something Like This..." Darkzen

Just to let you know I am looking into the site(s) you sent.
[ju]dges in California are dis, non, un qualified.

I will give you this bit of glitter; not "gold"

"gold" is an illusion. Along with "gold" "money" "script"
"paper" "agreement" "contract" "oil" infinitum
True gold is expressed as "79" and more descriptively as
" Au. Atomic Weight: 196.9665"
Au DEscribes.."under" writes, "Over" writes 'Voids" script.

"What is the difinition of "a" ? Clinton to congress during impeachment
 Quoting: Daanl's Dream

USC › Title 31 › Subtitle IV › Chapter 51 › Subchapter II › § 5118


31 USC § 5118 - Gold clauses and consent to "Title"31...."subsections" "USC" "5118" have no standing in a "Court" only in a "chamber" [Ju]dge's :)
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