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Message Subject Question: What if that Jesus dude was Here NOW?
Poster Handle IAMIAM
Post Content
A long time ago, in a world close close to home, I learned, "if you want input, feed them a glorious lie, and if you want silence, feed them the horrible truth".

This thread is so quiet and yet so many threads here about Jesus. Hmmmmmmm??? Is is too late for me to edit the post to say JESUS LOVES YOU lol?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29926654

What were you expecting?

Everyone loves Jesus!

So long as he stays on the cross and does not come back to ask them if they did what he said to do.

The living Jesus that would command them,
would be the anti-christ they fear.

While the fake Jesus made of plastic and wood,

is the true object of their affection.

Because you know, wood and plastic stay still and silent,

while it's adorers say anything in it's name.

Now what if those fake jesus' suddenly spoke!

Just to scare the shit out of the masses.

Now that would be funny!
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