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Message Subject What the hell is this???
Poster Handle mrmuffins69
Post Content
It's already been available for rent in Japan, where it's produced by the manufacturer Cyberdyne, and now it's the first nursing-care robot to be approved based on the draft version of an international standard for robot safety. (The draft is expected to be approved later this year.) That probably puts it at the consumer forefront of robot suits, even if we've seen some military-type inventions with a similar idea.

But, no, this doesn't mean we'll all be purchasing our own personal HAL suits to make it easier to walk to the grocery store or something. The inventors created HAL to help with the elderly and disabled who need the suit to function at all, not to turn us into super-humans. Although we've seen a glimpse of that, too.

The company that made this robot is Cyberdyne. ring any bells? well it should, Cyberdyne was the company in the terminator movies that created Skynet.

Cyberdyne is initially a benign manufacturing corporation at 18144 El Camino Real,[1] Sunnyvale, California. Its products are unknown, but from the equipment in its factory and its high tech-sounding name, it seems possible that Cyberdyne might have been some sort of smaller parts producer for larger manufacturers of high tech equipment.

Cyberdyne eventually develops Skynet, a network of supercomputers that employ artificial intelligence in order to replace human beings as commercial and military aircraft pilots, and for the control of other military systems, including nuclear missiles

[link to terminator.wikia.com]
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