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I have concerns over the "Muzzling of Scientists in Canada."


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03/03/2013 02:55 PM

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I have concerns over the "Muzzling of Scientists in Canada."
I have concerns over the "Muzzling of Scientists in Canada." This is quite simply wrong on so many levels. People have a right, a very basic human right to know what is going on within their environment. People must know and they deserve to know so they can therefore make future decisions with more information at hand. To stifle information, deny knowledge or provide incorrect information is merely a control tactic used to push through whatever one's personal agenda might be. In this case as with most, it is all about the money.

All of this muzzling that is going on is merely Harper's way of trying to suppress the damage to the environment that has already been done so he can keep pushing the Northern Pipeline Project through as well as other projects that are harmful to the environment but sadly there are large profits to be made. The tax incentives alone that he has offered up to the oil companies is quite shocking and proves without a doubt that come hell or high water he will push this project through no matter what. Silence the scientists, fudge the environmental reports and clear out anyone who gets in the way; sounds like political gang activity to me. It bears an eerie resemblance to organized crime, don't you think? Democracy, what democracy!? It is apparent the decision has already been made and will go through as planned and to hell with public opinion, the scientists & researchers and to hell with all those who happen to not agree with them; as usual it is all in the name of money and big business with huge profits to be made. Money certainly is the root of all evil and no truer words have ever been spoken.

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