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EVOLUTION IS TRUE - Video proves your actually dumber than a chimp!

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03/04/2013 03:24 AM
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EVOLUTION IS TRUE - Video proves your actually dumber than a chimp!
Think about it like this....

TPTB are all about disinformation. They're all about control. So one thing they want to do is keep most of humanity poor and ignorant. So instead of teaching you in school that you're a free human being that has boundless and endless potential to do anything your mind can imagine; instead they teach you to follow everything you've been taught and exactly how you've been shown it.

(Now I'll pretend to be your grade school science teacher)

Look you come from the monkey, and your poor grades prove it. You need to work on improving your IQ. Because in that way you can get into the next level of reeducation camp, the university, so that we can train you to become a working class slave.

After all you're really nothing but a CHIMP! That's right, you're not a free thinking human being! Look at this text book, scientists have proven that you come from a chimp! The facts prove that you simple evolved from a monkey! You're not human you're a monkey! Your actually just a stupid monkey, why? Because we the g=v say so!

And you don't want to be a monkey do you?

So that's why you need to get good grades and improve your IQ and make it to the university, and get a good job working for da-man, and in that way you might just barely redeem yourself from being the stupid dumb ass chimp that our facts prove you are!


this National Geographics video proves it.... See the truth is your even dumber than a chimp....(your not a free human being your just a dumb emasculated worthless monkey! Which is why you better believe everything big brother tells you if you hope to even stand a chance in the big bad world.



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