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LEGAL: U.S. government can order killing of it's citizens by secret drone strikes

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03/04/2013 09:17 AM

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LEGAL: U.S. government can order killing of it's citizens by secret drone strikes
The continued political polarization of the American people is leading the nation straight into tyranny. Less than a decade ago, the so-called political "left" was up in arms over Bush administration policies that permitted "waterboarding" of suspected terrorists, for instance, or unwarranted phone tapping of those perceived to be a "threat" to national security. But today, this same group of political opportunists seems gleefully supportive of Obama administration policies that are far more offensive, including the outrageous declaration recently that targeting and assassinating American citizens with secret drone strikes is perfectly acceptable and

In a telling indictment of just how far we have fallen into despotism as a society, Chicago Tribune reporter John Kass explains in a recent article how the false "left-right" political paradigm is basically the catalyst through which the perpetual trashing of the U.S. Constitution has been able to take place. It is only because "their" man is on the throne, in other words, that hardcore Democrats who once opposed wars and unconstitutional foreign policies are now in seemingly lockstep support of the Obama administration's flagrant and escalating constitutional abuses.

"He can (now) assassinate American citizens abroad without fair trial if they're suspected terrorists," explains Kass about the recent unveiling of the true tenets of the formerly-mysterious Obama Doctrine. "His weapon of choice? Drone strikes from the air. Drones are politically antiseptic weapons of death, almost like a video game, except that real blood and tissue is blown against the walls. And it's all being done in secret."

Learn more: [link to www.naturalnews.com]


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