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Message Subject Did RCMP cops sell prostitutes to Robert Pickton family for usage in $25,000 'snuff films'?
Poster Handle TastyThoughts
Post Content
Dose this have anything to do with this?
Thread: *NEW INFO ADDED TO FIRST POST* ZaZa Hotel in Houston just had their 322 room accidentally stumbled into. A conspiracy theorist's wet dream

Separate from the above link:
It is in the states too, from what I can tell. I think the SPLC is saying there are something like 58 hate groups in Florida. I think they are likely operating in a conglomerate method involving ritual style crimes. I guess children are bought for around 25,000 too. They seem to like that number.
There is also many, many Canadian tourist that visit Florida, many owing Condos or Timeshares. Could there be a pipeline? Certainly crime of this nature is not limited by boarders, let alone morality.
 Quoting: TastyThoughts

The SPLC is part of it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35556829

That sucks. Do you know of a good attorney that can operate in Florida that will fight this stuff? I am under attack and being violated. I feel there are HumanRight, Civil right, and other violation imposed on me by a criminal organization seeking to have me murdered, because if and when the FBI look they will be exposed.
 Quoting: TastyThoughts

I doubt you'll find justice in a totally corrupt system, at all levels.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35556829

So for, no. No justice what so ever. All efforts are seemingly to have me disappeared by all fronts. It is not just me. I have no other options then to try.
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