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Message Subject Did RCMP cops sell prostitutes to Robert Pickton family for usage in $25,000 'snuff films'?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For starters, where would Pickton even get twenty five thousand dollars PER prostitute? He wasn't a millionaire. This fact alone doesn't make sense and deflates this whole story. Just more bullshit from crackhead , brain damaged street lizards.
 Quoting: David Fap

Your brain dead, racist contempt for street people and prostitutes makes it obvious that your logic is flawed. Pickton wasn't a billionnaire, but he was far from being poor too. As far as nobody knows where the money went, no one can bullshit these claims.

But the Police and the courts are guilty for not investigating deeper into this. THey went after the fall guy, while the rest of the criminal network may have used it to cover their asses.
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