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Message Subject Did RCMP cops sell prostitutes to Robert Pickton family for usage in $25,000 'snuff films'?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Cops are not cops, no more than a lawyer is a lawyer, theses are just illusions. IF you KNOW someone using their position to HARM others, then KILL them, just KILL them, they are no more special your street psychopath.

If a cop hurts my family hell I will track the bitch or prick down and kill him or her right in front of their family. NO tears, just proper justice.

Ya wanna STOP injustice, quit compaining and start firing, they are grotesque creatures no different than a psychopath secretly wotking in a mailroom.

Anyone who HARMS others, just Kill them, noghing personal, no emotion, just enjoy removing them from their own evils.

Good advice lol? People are probably saying, "errrr, uhm, yup" lol.
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Goofy Thum
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