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The high-tech Jewish Messiah (Antichrist)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35567817
03/04/2013 02:27 PM
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The high-tech Jewish Messiah (Antichrist)
Just found this creepy article on how the Moshiach, the upcoming messiah of the Jews, is expected to be actually benefiting form the whole high-tech, big brother infrastructure set in place these days, with things like electronic surveillance, Facebook, nanotech and computer research giving Him the powers of a God.

According to this there's no difference between artificial scientific development and God's will!

This is fucked up...

"Complementing the downpour of divine wisdom from the windows of heaven was an upsurge of earthly knowledge, which the Zohar also considers a prologue to and preparation for the messianic era of knowledge.

On the most elementary level, the scientific revolution prepared the world for the coming of Moshiach by serving as a tool for the dissemination of Torah. Three hundred years ago, a teacher could communicate directly only with those who were within range of his voice; today, his words (and even his image) can be broadcast to billions of people in all parts of the globe. In these and numerous other ways, the scientific advances of the last three centuries have aided and enabled the spread of the divine wisdom on a scale that could not even be envisioned before the "wellsprings of the great deep" burst open in the sixth century of the sixth millennium.

Furthermore, the accelerated development of earthly wisdom has not only brought the knowledge of G-d farther, faster and to more people, it has also enhanced the quality of our understanding of our Creator. The scientific revolution has actually enabled us to better appreciate and relate to the divine reality.

For example: integral to our faith is the concept of "specific divine providence" (hashgachah peratit): that G-d observes our every act, word and thought and holds us accountable for them; that He is aware and concerned with every event in the universe, from the birth of a star in a distant galaxy to the turn of a leaf in the wind in a remote forest, and that they all figure in His master plan of creation and contribute to its realization.

In earlier generations, the concept of an all-seeing eye that simultaneously observes billions of actions thousands of miles apart from each other, and of a consciousness that is simultaneously aware of innumerable events and their effect upon each other, were beyond the realm of reason. One could believe it absolutely, for faith has the capacity to accept even the most illogical of truths; but one could not rationally relate to it and envision it with the mind's eye. Today, when we can converse with ease with someone ten thousand miles away, when we can watch a spacecraft landing on Mars and use a chip of silicon to compute millions of data a second, it requires no great "leap of faith" to understand that He who imparted such potential in His creation certainly possesses it Himself, and in a far greater measure.

Modern science has done more than empower us to do things that were impossible or extremely difficult in earlier times. It has also transformed our very vision of reality, introducing certain concepts into the lexicon of our minds which, in earlier generations, had belonged exclusively to the realm of faith.

On To the Seventh Millennium

In both examples cited above, we have seen how the "earthly wisdom" of science serves the revelation of the supernal wisdom, whether as a tool that aids its dissemination or as a model that makes tangible and real what was previously abstract and surreal.

There is, however, a third and more essential way in which the eruption of the "wellsprings of the great deep" has prepared the world for the seventh millennium. A way in which the earthly wisdom is not only a facilitator of the supernal wisdom of Torah, but itself a revelation of G-dliness.

For science is discovering the face of G-d. For the past three hundred years, it has been dissecting the veil of nature to the point that the veil has been becoming more and more transparent, more revealing of the truths it both embodies and conceals. "

[link to www.moshiach.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35496018
United States
03/04/2013 02:39 PM
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Re: The high-tech Jewish Messiah (Antichrist)
Tubal-Cain and the use of technology to fulfill "prophecies".