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Conspiracy forums under attack? Not really...

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03/05/2013 03:02 AM
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Conspiracy forums under attack? Not really...
Latest attacks aimed at GLP and allegedly a few other forums by a couple obscure hackers have made me wonder. Are conspiracy sites really under attack? And if so from whom? Does that fact that once in a blue moon a lunatic messes with these sites really count as an attack?

If the guys that run the show wanted these sites down for real they would have succeeded by now. They only want you to believe you're under attack so you'll think you're on to something and keep you busy. From one doom to the next.

It would look rather suspicious if no one would attack the conspiracy sites, don't you think.

In fact THEY want them up and running because conspiracy sites represent the larger box to contain the minds of those who escaped the previous, smaller boxes.

I'm not suggesting conspiracy sites are useless. They have been a key component of the new awareness that is now being born on the planet and I have met some very wise people through this media, but I think Richard Hoagland was right about one thing:
"The lie is different at every level"