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Message Subject Obama is now demanding Israeli withdrawl from the West Bank! This is getting crazy!
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
Obama is renowned in his obsequious genuflecting to Chinese and Muslim leaders.

As a former Muslim, will Obama be able to resist habits he acquire whilst studing in a Medrasiya in Indonesia and bowing to Allah on a prayer mat in the Mosque of Omar when he visits the Temple Mount?

Jus' what kind of an Xtian is Obama?!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35061747

Uh, he is NOT a Christian.

He's some weird, at times borderline schitzophrenic amalgalm of Muslim and Marxist. Religiously the former; politically/economically - the latter.

I think his multiple sides or personalities even come into clashing with one another -- especially when he has to play it smart in the short-term, be tactical such as make pro-Israeli decisions -- I bet his inner self is suffering big-time of having to play The Washington Game. Which is why even Liberal journalists admit that Obam HATES all the glad-handing routine and the compromises he has to make on the Capitol.

No wonder Obama looks so emaciated and miserable at times -- even during what is supposed to be his greatest triumph over the Whitey/Capitalism.

Adding fuel to his internal turmoil is the fact that he is not even full-black --- he is 1/2 white, possibly even Jewish (by Jewish law). Imagine how much THAT particular realization must irk him and Michelle!

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