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Message Subject Obama is now demanding Israeli withdrawl from the West Bank! This is getting crazy!
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content

If you knew anything about anything.. you wouldn't even be asking such a spectacularly DUMB, non-sequiturish, uber-loaded sorry excuse for a question.

Incidentally, Palestinians already HAVE a country. It's called Jordan. It's more than twice as big as Israel. It has more fertile land than Israel. In fact, Jordan sits atop land that League of Nations originally designated for Israel ----> and Jordan still couldn't help themselves but attack and try to throw neighboring Jews into the sea in 1948..... In fact, come to think of it, Israel is being so nice NOT asking for modern Jordan or Syria lands back -- again, as per original partition plans by the victors of World War I, the british, french who were tasked by League of Nations to administer the Levant (and how susequently got bribed by Arab oil to break their commitment to the Jews)

In fact, Jordan is some 70% ethnically Palestinian. Though strangely enough, when Jordan illegally occupied East Jerusalem in 1949-1967 and horrifically ethnically cleansed the Jews, synagogues, ancient cemetaries therein even.... somehow the "world community" didn't issue gazzillion condemnations or resolutions, just because the victims were Jews, funny how that works, huh....

Sorry, that tiny strip of land in Levant is Israel's/Jewish. Any way you spin it. And that's before considering Pali terror & wars & incitement with which they "thanked" the Jews who employed them and provided other assistence/aid.

Again, only more slowly this time: after their 1,400 years worth of conquest, mass-murder, mass-rape & destruction of local ethnicities, religions, cultures.... Muslims already control 99% of Middle East and 99.9 % of its natural resources. They can go pound sand as far as Israel is concerned.

So you and Allah cry me a water-fall, fool.
 Quoting: ASV 35656725

I'm not a muslim iamwith the palestinians started getting kicked out after the illegitimate rothschildian balfour declaration and everything related to that. Before that the area of the country of Israel was called PALESTINE. It's past time now that Israel should be treated as equals just like everybody else does.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23657849

lol wut??!!!

Talk about being wrong about literally everything in your short little paragraph above. "Palestine"? Arabic language doesn't even have a pronounced letter 'P' in the beginning of a word, LMAO! Nevermind that it was Romans who tried calling it that out of spite for the Jews whom they tried to massacre & expel en mass.... while in 500 years of Muslim Ottoman rule, or even 20 years of Jordanian occupation, noone bothered to actually establish a Palestinian state, gee I wonder why....

And there was NOTHING illegitimate about Balfour Declaration. The West were the victors, the Ottomans and their allies, the losers. Without the Western invention of oil exploration, extraction, refiniment, transportation, insurence, not to mention conspumption.... not to mention the Western medicicines, food and other assistence --- the local Bedouin squatters would have been dead long time ago, or most, extremely super-poor nevermind acually able to build any sort of a nation-state.... LOL

Etc, etc, this is like shooting retarded fish in a barrel

I hope you're just a garden variety tongue-in-cheek troll... because if you're actually SERIOUS, I honestly feel sorry for you at this point.
 Quoting: ASV 35656725

This video is for the retards who think there was no Palestine....

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31928649

LOL, when you have to resort to freakin' sub-amateur, poorer-than-poor Youtube videos edited out of context... you have all but admitted to LOSING whatever few shreds of credibility you may have had.

Palestinians were actual JEWS. Hence why Palestine Post was a paper published by -- drum roll please -- the local Jews, not Arabs. LMAO!

That's like people pulling out of their ass that Philistines were the original Palestinians... nevermind that Palestinians are ARABS traceable to Arabian Peninsula and Egypt, including Yassir Arafat incidentally... while Phillistines were HELLENISTIC people, i.e. Greeks possibly from Crete, were overrun by Assyrians and are now extinct both racially and especially CULTURALLY.

Fact: Jews whether as a religion, ethnicity, nation-state or ideology..... predate Islam and Palestinia-Arab nationalism by a LONG shot.

And unlike newly fabricated "Palestinian" terrorists... Jews have shown they are willing to give up land for peace.

The end.
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