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Message Subject Obama is now demanding Israeli withdrawl from the West Bank! This is getting crazy!
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
Under the UN Resolution, Israel does need to GTFO of all OCCUPIED TERRITORIES.

Israel was ONLY given about HALF of Palestine. Since the creation of Israel, they have slowly but surely STOLEN more land every day.

Even going as far as using Human Shields, Running over American Protestors such as Rachael Corrie, and so on.

So it's not just "Obama" wink wink demanding that Israel GTFO, but the entire world.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32336793

Gee, another minute, another anonymous Jew-hating LIAR crawling out of the floor-boards crevice. LOL.

1) Lie #1 Under the UN Resolution, Israel does need to GTFO of all OCCUPIED TERRITORIES.

While most of UN has indeed been hiacked by various oil-tyrants, sheiks, 3rd world dictators and other maniacs..... you're wrong. The ONLY legally-binding relevant International Law provisions are:

a) League of Nations, San Remo decision soon enshrined into law & later officially adopted by its successor organization the UN through its Article 80

b) The Article VIII UNSC resolution 242 does NOT demand Israel to pull back to '67 lines --- and actually expects both sides to come to a mutually-agreed upon settlement. Until that happens, Israel is well within its right to be present in most of West Bank. And since Palestnian leaders have shown time and time agai to only be interested in terror, genocidal incitement against Jews in their schoos & media, and in stealing billions of dollars in foreign aid from their own people ala Yassir Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas.... well, that settlement has proven quite elusive, lol.

c) But even IF UNSC Resolution 242 actually demanded Israel to immegiately withdraw from WB -- and it does NOT --- then it still wouldn't have legal power because the Res 242 is a Artcile VIII resolution, which renders it a glorified RECOMMENDATION (unlike Article VII resolution which is mandatory)

d) Oslo Accords which saw Israel make unprecedented gestures of good-will... are also based on the frame-work of the aformentioned UNSC Res 242. Unfortunately, Arafat, Hamas and the rest of the Palisttinian terror gangs "thanked" Israeli generosity & thirst for true lasting peace by -- drum roll -- blowing up Jewish children, pregnant women & elderly in buses, cafes, restaurants, schools, synagogues, shopping malls, dolphinarium, even a senor center full of elderly Holocaust survivers. Terror literally a daily, grossely under-reported occurence... wow, those Palis really do want peace, huh! Even Ghengis Khan didn't deliberatly target women and children in such a horrific way as Palestinians.

"Israel was ONLY given about HALF of Palestine."

Wrong again. League of Nation partition originally gave the Jews not only entire WB, but also what is today Syria AND Jordan. Then the Arab oil lobby basicallly blackmailed the Brits into renegging on the deal.... talk about pathetic, not the least because the people Brits turned away were escaping the horror & fire of the Holocaust. Just wow.

But even if so, even if Israel orginally only to have 1/2 the land.... so what? Jews accepted their admittedly raw deal from the UN, while Arabs did NOT. Arabs waged the war of annihilation -- and they LOST despite having huge advantage in man-power & weapons over the newborn Jewish state....

No do-overs, beyotch!

"Even going as far as using Human Shields",

LOL, I just about died laughing. Considering that Arabs/Muslims have used human shields for 1,400 freakin' years, considering how much Hamas and Co BOAST about using their kids, wives and other civilians as human shields on a truly massive scale... you have NO right to even think about opening your toothless mouth on this subject.

Seriously, if Jews weren't so humane in taking crazy amount of precations, Pali civilian human shields would be dying by the tens of 1000's during every conflict -- just as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah would want it.

Not-so-nice try, cheap propaganda monkey. Actually, yours was rather a terrible try. Yawn.
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