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Message Subject Obama is now demanding Israeli withdrawl from the West Bank! This is getting crazy!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The OT comprises parables..they are events that actually happened that..if you had the mind of Christ..you could interpret them for the spiritual truth they enclose.

What you have experienced as Christianity was described by Christ as a "loaf that is FULLY leavened" The OT is set in a Conan-like stone age world..a place where people were skinned alive..skinned while they screamed. When you fully appreciate that darkness, then you must understand that out of billions of events that have happened in that monstrous world..only a few comparatively are used. God brings truth to these primitives using those things and events that they could understand. The sun, the stars, the sheep, the children, the water, the sand..anything that a stone age nation would know from their dark reality is used when trying to bring light to their darkness.

You need a vocabulary book. Why is hair symbolic of vanity or donkeys symbolic of humility.. Water, to a desert, nomadic people, is quite literally necessary to stay alive..do you see why "poisoned" water that would literally kill is the symbol for teachings which kill spiritually.. It is written "don't drink of the waters of Babylon" for example..to take that literally is absurd

Good food is what makes you healthy and strong. When Christ says "eat of me" or "I am the bread of life" or 'I am the manna of heaven" only by a flesh interpretation, could anyone say he's encouraging cannibalism.

The "church" is Israel..not by any lost tribe in the flesh stuff..but because the vessel [Israel] was marred..God reformed the vessel. This was the mission of Christ..He remade the vessel..the same exact vessel, no substitution, no replacement.

The truth is not assisted by racist literal interpretation. This is part of the sin of the Pharisees..they interpreted things in perception of the flesh..this will lead to legalism and a power and control opportunity by infiltrators calling themselves religious leaders.

I can't believe the ones here do not understand that believers are living stones making up a spiritual temple. The word is "naos"...not "heiron"

Truth comes cloaked in humility..that is the meaning of Christ entering on a donkey. This incident is symbolic of the true church receiving the truth of God and points to His actual return. Spiritual Jerusalem is the church..not carnal Jerusalem..which the scriptures refer to as Sodom and the place where the prophets are killed.

Think for a second
"the rock they worshiped was Christ"
"cast out the bondwoman"
"he who is a Jew is one inwardly"

I hope I have been clear
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