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Message Subject Syria's ACIAd & Iran's AhmadineCIAd for dummies: basic facts about fake war Illuminati v butchers Assad and Ahmadinjad
Poster Handle TruthIsNeverTooHorrible
Post Content
SYRIA chemical attacks v Extermination camps in Nazi Germany

Illuminati Jokes: Angela Merkel, daughter of Adolf Hitler and Margarete Braun, becomes the first german chancellor to visit Dachau (1), the first concentration camp to be built by the Nazis in March 1933.
The same day the illuminati order Assad to launch the largest chemical attack against civilians in the History of Mankind, in East Damascus, August 21 2013.

24 hours later dozens of videos in angelic youtube document the chemical attack that killed 1300 (mostly children)

If WWW and smartphones already available at 1936 Germany Olympics, Churchill, Roosevelt & illuminati media would dismiss the 'alleged' gas chambers
The unprecedented scale of the massacre by agent Assad poses no problem in the IV Reich, an empire where the Illuminati rule over human beasts.
The solution is as simple as to have the illuminati and their media play the "impossible to verify" broken record.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from May 2013:
Bosnia and Kosovo in the nineties: illuminati manufacture "massacres" of "poor Albanians" by the "evil Serbs", with the climax at Srebnica, 1997, when ZERO was turned into "8,000 slaughtered civilians", after the investigation of Hague prosecutor Carla del Ponte.

Syria, May 2013 - illuminati tactic to react to the chemical attacks against civilians by their agent Assad is the broken record "alleged, not possible for us to verify, yet to be proven".
According to the illuminati religion's principle of "black is white" they go as far as to have 15 years later the same "investigator" Carla del Ponte state that "the rebels are the culprits" (2).

(1) Illuminati Jokes: Angela Merkel, daughter of Adolf Hitler and Margarete Braun, first german chancellor to visit Dachau
[link to www.bbc.co.uk]

(2) May 2013: UN's Del Ponte says evidence Syria rebels 'used sarin'
[link to www.bbc.co.uk]

survived in webarchive:
Fake war UK & USA v Hitler: Stalingrad 1943 was illuminati's *** greatest military defeat *** EVER
[link to web.archive.org]

"Angela Merkel": cousin to the the fuherer of the IV Reich illuminati supreme leader Alexander Adolf Hitler, and daughter of the fuherer of the III Reich.
[link to www.scam.com]
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