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Something to share with the collective..

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United States
03/06/2013 01:13 PM

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Something to share with the collective..
I had this dream about a yr ago and I couldn't for the life of me remember the detail, well I came across an old tablet I write in and found that I had written down this dream in detail. I would like to share it with all of you.

In this dream there were these guys they were a terrible bunch of people doing mind games, I was stopping them, they found out about me because they knew I was on to them. They told me that in a past incarnation I did terrible things to innocent beings, and they were here to kill me but I wouldn't die.

They revealed that to me to cut me down so I would give up in this life time, because of the knowledge of who I was as a man and they even gave me a name of who I was. But they were using young kids to further their plan to the world, but I saw through them, I recognized their leader.

In the dream I was going to expose them and they came to tell me that I was such and such, they wanted to destroy me again.
But they couldn't!

This group of people they use the young and impressionable to further there agenda, the kids are 13 to 15 yrs of ages or even much younger. These people don't like to be found out of their game. But in the dream they told me that they will keep quiet as long as I keep quiet of their crimes. Ok that is that? I remember that and wrote it down. I am glad I found this.

Another thing to share, my Waco vision with the Elders in Space regarding the incident.

Now today as I was doing dishes my HS said you were defending the children. Who exactly was DAvid Koresh?? What did he stand for, it seems a memory serves me that I was defending the compound instead of the outcome of the government. Maybe prehaps because of his deveopment of moving out from the system.

Also do any of you remember watching all these films back in th e 70;s about Billy Jack and all those movies, I remember Robbie Benson playing in movies I think about people who go into brainwashing religions back then?

I assume they made those because of Jim Jones. I remember don't you?

I found that their is a woman close by that can to hypnotherapy, and I would like to look into my subconcious and see what is there, I have been trying to find jobs in this small town but can't seem to find any as of yet maybe in April or this month things will pick up. If all goes well.

Something I am learning about everything is that the more I get increments about me wakening up to who I am the more humble I am, does anyone really ask themselves what in the world or where have I been? Now I truly know what asleep is.

But I remember way back when as a young teenager, we had addictions past down through my family bloodline, and infidelity.

But in this life I truly had to experience everything what the ego is about for a reason, And I can honestly say through all my lessons, I am coming home to Father and MOther. I am in awe of the beauty. But everytime I had a memory of being with my Higher Beings they were very kind.

They had white hair high collars beard very loving beings.

But the hypnotherapy cost 75.00 for 2 hours. So as soon as I get some money, I am excited to see what is in my subconcious mind and what I will find.

But everything about me and my Soul whats to stress its truly the young and the innocent that are preyed on. But being honest with oneself is truly a must when Papa Source works in our lives, if Father loves YOU he will show everything I need to come to terms with,

My spiritualality and why I am here is an experience and to share MY expereince with the world.

My hardest pain was the infidelity, that I truly hurt my husband, and that was the hardest pain that I did, but he is the only one I hurt and he is a good man, he wouldn't hurt anyone, he loves to just get on his back hoe and clear everyone drive way, but he doesn't understand why I am so honest, but what I share he knows.

But drugs??? NOT GOOD, my experience with them is the rabbit hole of true insanity, He remembers and told me when I was on prozac I was another human being. I thought I loved God back then, but what ever I went through back then I am surprised I can even live to tell about it, even during times when I was a teenager being in a mental institute because I couldn't take no for an answer so I was sent there to learn assertive training. I remember being locked up in a padded cell due to one of the older women thinking I looked at a man different and she accused me of flirting with my eyes,,, so much, ran away 3 times, geesh, All I can say is I embrace my experience, I sure couldn't do this again. But if God can forgive me so can you, but I am past that now.

It doesn't matter what I am thought of anymore, It is Source of All that IS, is who I serve, we are the gods returning, we knew we had a job to do when we came here,
but honesty, balance and harmony is what I strive to be.

But if I ever have to write a story about my life well I have God to thank because it is about HIM finding his daughter and bringing her back home, and to all of his son's and daughters, we all are his children.

So I ponder and see how so many want to fight over who is right or wrong, But if you have not Love, then we are a clanging cymbal, That has been an imprint of my mind, so my Spiritual parents wanted me to share this love of mine, and I give it to the world as best as I can and so can all of you.

For I am not adept to KNow 100% in knowledge of what the holy scriptures says Jesus Christ is not the only son of God we all are and son/sun even means female too. But he was the ONE who did it, helped us to get to the Father through
Jesus Christ/Yeshua/Christ Michael THE SON/SUN.

But my lesson and mission is that I try to BE Love Divine Love as my Mother in Higher Realms.
Oneness4321=01/10 (OP)

User ID: 33658537
United States
03/06/2013 01:17 PM

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Re: Something to share with the collective..
I want to correct something I said, "If father loves you"

clerical error, Father LOVES ALL. Ok got that out of the way.. Peace :-)
Oneness4321=01/10 (OP)

User ID: 33658537
United States
03/06/2013 06:00 PM

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Re: Something to share with the collective..
Anyone that has struggles and has problems with addiction or anything, just know your not alone, God does not give up on people like us, know that. That is why I started this thread
for those who understand, God has a place for us too.
Don't be guilt ridden because you think you might not be worth
God's Love because you are.

God simply loves you. And if I can reach you just know that I started this thread just hoping that you are not alone in your pain. Love you always


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