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Park Foreman's Fake 9/11 Video - So Bad It Hurts

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User ID: 2536940
United States
03/06/2013 01:39 PM
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Park Foreman's Fake 9/11 Video - So Bad It Hurts
Animated gif of Park Foreman fraud: [link to i.imgur.com]

How bad does it have to get before people will realize we were shown edited, layered footage on 9/11, passed off as "original shots"?

Why was there a need to use a "master background layer" and lay foreground layers in front of it? What was the purpose of faking footage, and releasing it to the public? I guess we have to draw our own conclusions why.

If all these layers were edited- it increases the likelyhood that the plane layer was added as well, the only thing "real" in the shot being the skyline of lower Manhattan and the explosion.