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Poster Handle Steve Butner
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The bigger picture is our gov't is trying to shut down the home schooling initiative by mostly Christian families (But not exclusively). We home schooled all 5 of our children (20 years) and they are all prospering in this world we live in on their own. Currently, in the United States there are over a million children being "home schooled". In this country of ours it is difficult for me to understand how we of all nations would even think of pursuing this action against the Remeikes or any family, who would want to raise and educate their family within an environment of safety, love, thinking the best of everyone, values, moral character, without hate, etc. There are several 100 curriculum's available that give a complete educational experience for the home school community. There are just as many social and physical educational opportunities open to the Home Schooler as well, as well as support groups and workshops. Home Schooled students are well documented to have overall higher SAT scores than their counterparts in the Public School System. There are so many myths about home school that are just not true. The only true difference is that the parents have to be involved every single day. Isn't that our charge anyway?

Why is this family being singled out when millions of illegal people living in the US were given amnesty. It is because they are Christian, white, and a platform for Washington to undermine home school education and Christian values, which our country was founded upon.. Could it happen the citizens of the US in the future be jailed for their beliefs. Be it never so!

If the Remeinkes are returned to Germany they will be picked up at the airport and thrown in jail. Their children will be split up in foster homes. All because they want to raise and educate their children in the ways of Christianianity. That to me is human rights being violated. It is a basic human right to raise, love, educate, our children. What a tragedy it would be. I pray that this will not happen in my country.
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