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Why do we all suffer from some kind of addiction?

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United States
03/07/2013 09:14 AM
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Why do we all suffer from some kind of addiction?
I would like to propose a study on addiction. To really dig deep due to man has an unexplaneable need to focus its attention on something that they can't get relief from, but at the end of that road IS GOD...

Its so amazing how so many people has a perfect answer about God. But that unsatiable need is the need to LOVE GOD and receive his love.

But I recognize my inner world is more real to me than the outer. That is where I find my comfort. Listening to classical music is a straight shot to infinity.

But the hardest pain is knowing I am so young in my perception of higher knowledge of God that how do we express this need to express him/her?

And for the life of me, everytime I get a light ball go off?
And you know what it is?

That damm money again. Can't seem to get around it.

Well off to go play cards with Senior citizens and smile and be a kid again with them. They are a special bunch of people.
The young, old, nature and animals my best company.

But it gives me comfort to know that I walk between sanity and insanity due to not understanding my own life, but God is my set point that brings me back to Zero point.

I LOVE MY HIGHER EVOLVED FAMILY SO MUCH, and I know they are near and here, I love you so much.

By the way, In my meditation the other day I saw the Infinite open up heaven above and saw rays of light/fire upon each one's head as a flame, receive Papa's Love I do.
That is all I know my Spiritual parents Love there is nothing like it, it plain humbles me that I am ready to walk right through that door.

You know everyone says they don't understand why they have not shown up? well they are waiting for us to raise our vibrations to match there's, we have made progress don't you think? May you all have a blessed day...Peaceufo56