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Message Subject Why the hell shouldn't I be able to smoke weed when
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
Been watching that new show Weed Country on Discovery Channel (I think) and they are showing these fucking S.W.A.T. teams in full camo parading through the woods trying to eradicate marijuana crops and then speaking on the camera like they're doing some great service to society and 'saving lives'... I really can't believe what I'm seeing and cannot believe the ignorance thats displayed. It's the god damn in-humane laws in the first place that have created the black market and the perceived 'dangerous' drug market that is falsely trumpeted as the reason why we need the laws to begin with! We don't need a team of 12 commandos armed to the teeth ripping out natural plants from the ground for crying out loud... What a waste of time & resources all in the name of the 'drug war' which was engineered from the get go and designed to suppress the population and funnel money into the hands of special interest groups & corporations.
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