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Message Subject Michelle Obama to Give Award to Woman who said, “Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning”
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content

ahhh...yes lets change the subject and make this about jews??? that is what you do best. i "choose to be moronic TODAY? you choose to be moronic 5 times a day every day....

my cedibility is on the line with who exactly? muslims?

 Quoting: davvi

When you can't fight the fact and arguments, resort to personal attacks. I did not change the subject, I merely corrected your false statement. You mad?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35774612

you changed the subject:

Funny how most have dual Israeli/US citizenship in your government and AIPAC is your most powerful political lobby.

the thread is about a anti-american muslim getting an award from the flotus. why should anyone mention israel?

you just can't help yourself can you? lolol as soon as a muzz mentions israel i know i have won the argument.

oh look, a britmuzz to bolster your side...

not mad, just determined...
 Quoting: davvi

Double wrong, for the fact that not once in my life have I put down my head on a prayer carpet, aside from that, I have mentioned a fact when YOU started talking about MB and Muslims in your Government - who started on this subject? I just corrected a false statement and its a fact. And don't put words in my mouth, I said nothing about Jews or Israelis....I just pointed out who has huge influence in your Government and those people are actually the biggest threat to Jews and the State of Israel in general. But I guess you know that already? Lets see what they will do to their "friend&ally" in the ME - meanwhile you and many others will gladly do their biding and continue the Divide the sheep game.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35774612

do you honestly think that i am unaware of the enemies in government? do you think i can't see the left's agenda in my country? do you honestly think that i can't see the left and islam cabal forming in my nation and don't view that as a threat to freedom?

i am infuriated that the leftists in my government are taking a muslim slime and pawning her off as some kind of hero to the truly stupid in my country...she is not a hero, she like you, are the enemy and i have no problem declaring you such....
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