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Message Subject The Dogon Tribe of Mali West Africa!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
let me explain it to you , there is believers and unbelievers

there are serpent seed , there is human seed , there is mixed seed ....

in these days your so called awakening is the holy spirit pouring out the truth unto the world , you will know what seed you are by now

you are either , a greedy dont raise your kids , pussy loving selfish asshole , who doesnt change what so ever , this is serpent seed

you are the same selfish asshole , but do change , knowing you are totally wrong and have awakened to the truth that has been poured out unto the world and trying to repent , this is good seed but its up to you to you to change

then you have mixed seed , which shoulder do you choose , you cant have your foot in both camps , its either wesern life , the life you know is wrong but you are scared and fight for it anyway

or you know its wrong and sumit to god , give in , start raising your kids best you can and living by gods rules ...

that is all there is to the puzzle , the holy spirit will soon leave the earth , and all hell is to brake loose ....
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