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Message Subject The Dogon Tribe of Mali West Africa!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Genocide by the illuminati is about to begin in Kenya, despite only one third of votes for illuminati puppet Odinga.
It will be a remake of Ivory Coast, but upscaled to the third stage: foreign mercenaries actively exterminating Kenyan christians.
With the Kenya genocide the role of NATO butchers taking part in the neo-colonial genocides will finally be passed from french to US, UK & Co mercenaries.

Evolution of illuminati genocide tactics: what is ongoing since 2011 in some former african colonies is what is also scripted for former colonial empires like the UK or Spain as well as for the USA, now all part of the IV Reich illuminati empire.

Illuminati Artificial borders: "divide and conquer"
The illuminati created artificial borders as part of the "divide and conquer" tactic to suppress the fight of freedom loving people:
- for independence, during the classic colonial stage;
- for real independence, starting with the fight against the illuminati puppets "ruling" the new "independent" countries, during the neo-colonial stage.

Evolution of illuminati tactics for genocide: another consequence of illuminati overtime
Rwanda 1995: the first stage
Rwanda 1995, genocide of Tutsis: it was the first genocide supervised by the illuminati in Africa during the neo-colonial period.
The main reason for the Rwanda genocide: first country where overpopulation made it impossible to continue the neo-colonial plunder.
Only the French military was in site.
Their task was "limited" to prepare the genocide and after to keep a low profile while supervising it.

Ivory Coast 2011: the second stage
As in illuminati overtime the reduction of non-renewable natural ressources reaches the limits, the illuminati are forced to upscale their direct involvement in the new genocides, with direct military intervention.
In 2011 an unpredeneted action took place: the illuminati, again using the french mercenaries, bombed the capital of a former colony, Abidjan, to arrest the democratically elected president Gbago and to install a puppet as the new president
Puppet Ouattara plays the role of "muslim leader", what is used to combine the genocide agenda with the "extermination of christians" agenda: since the french bombings nearly 800,000 christians were slaughtered by Ouattara's thugs.
All this although in 2011 the majority of the population was christian and only 30% were muslims.

Northern Mali alias Azawad land of Tuaregs: Africa genocide: third stage: butchers are France and Chad mercenaries
The last stage has the genocide executed by foreign butchers:
- from mercenaries of neighboring neo-colonies (Chad) ...
- to mercenaries of the former colonial empires (again France).
Mercenaries from France and Chad have killed thousands of arab and tuaraeg civilians ever since they invaded central and Northern Mali alias Azawad land of Tuaregs, an area about twice the size of France.

Former colonies: Fight for real independence and the neo-colonial End Time Paradox
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 Quoting: LAST PROPHET 338160

5 star post!!!

This is the kind of material I'm looking for.

Thank you Last Prophet. Time to digest.... mentally :)
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