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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Or is it just a coincidence? Seems as though most of it is accurate. Makes me wonder whether the Illuminati is having a great laugh.
 Quoting: Illuminus 35391653

Anything... Anything... ANYTHING... except for the truth, with you idiots.

Yeah, the Illuminati (and Satan) are having a great laugh... On you. Having deceived another clueless atheist that had all the forewarning a person could ever hope to have, and STILL coming up with the exact OPPOSITE of reality.

Should be entertaining, when you stand before God, having been given every imaginable chance in the world, but preferring lies and deception.

Enjoy the Mark. You'll be taking it, I would wager.
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