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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle calx
Post Content
duh. it's called self-fulfilling prophecy. set up some ancient books, make events steer towards them, then it seems all magickal and prophetic, but it's all engineered.;
 Quoting: Skin Suit

I would go further and say that a lot of people are putting energy into that prophecy, consciously or not. All thoughts manifest physically in some for or another and the more thought/energy you put into an idea the stronger the manifestation will be.
 Quoting: calx

I'd agree. that certainly adds to it..

when you look at something like a prophecy or event to happen, it's what you are focusing on.

just like when you are walking toward a sign you want to walk to..

guess what..you usually end up at that sign, because you were focusing on it while you were walking towards it.

subtle magic there but we do it everyday.

I don't usually end up at the refrigerator when I want to walk or focus going to the restroom.

think about it.
 Quoting: Skin Suit

That happens to me sometimes after I drink enthusiastically. Nothing worse than peeing in the fridge.

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