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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hopi prophesies are being fulfilled too, and much more obviously than Revelation, even though Hopies are not "Bibletards" of any sort. How do you explain this "evident truth" then, dear Christians? Maybe instead of repenting we should grow our hair long and smoke Hopi pipe then?
And what about Muslim prophesies?
 Quoting: cyryl

Source is Source, always has been, ever will be...

which in no way precludes the multitudinous perceptions and myriad ideologies that each, nay all may have regarding such

get with the program or be left behind in and for all intents and purposes of the Word

there is and has ever been but One Truth, which Truth is the bottom line regarding same within this World

in spite of the fact that any number of souls perceived things as only they could or did at any given moment in time

that Truth was never changed in accord with such

you have no prior knowledge or awareness of an undisputed bottom line in this regard in your repertoir of hits with reference to your time spent in flesh to date

hence you will have to go on your wisest judgments in this regard in these last days

for what else have you got per se to lean upon?

don't expect the world to acclimate itself to your most perfect dreams and visions of such, because clearly if it did we'd all be in pretty much the same boat as we find ourselves in at present tense, bailing franctically merely to stay afloat

this IS the epitome of what becomes of mankind when left to it's own devices, for all of you are part and parcel of such

there has always been temptation within this world, provided and sustained by one who cares only that you fail as he, nay as they have already done

the wicked have always been in vogue, en force herein

the lie of "strength in numbers" hence prevails

to disern the truth and stand behind it requires courage of a higher order

which is what this harvest and sifting of souls is all about

this world, such as it be, IS a sure reflection of the devices of mankind

hence look up, for something better is destined to arrive

and it will require all your discretionary vision to distinguish such from the myriad reflections hoping to emulate same to your own destruction in the doing BETWEEN, should you woefully in turn then follow suit

as many will come in His name in these final days

lest you should be deceived and be found worshipping idols when the curtain comes tumbling down

be alert, be judicious, don't fall prey to wanton desires and heady dreams of your OWN ideals regarding what it is that constitutes perfection

for you wouldn't recognize it should it present itself at your feet all wrapped up in a bright red bow, and you DO have precedent to lean upon in that particular regard whether you realize it or not, nevertheless

the problem being that you are seemingly unaware of such, nor are you eager to accept anything but WIN in your own regard

put your egos down and pick up your discretionary filters of sorts

for something abominably wicked, yet which for all intents and purposes resembles the Sun, shortly this way comes...
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