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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The creator of this world surely did not mean that we should worship him through a specific religion. Religions are mostly created by man with all problems that follows. Almost all religious people say that only their way is the correct. This is mad and proves that no religion is 100% correct.

What we know for sure is that TPTB worship something, but we do not know for sure what that is. Many say that it is Satan and that it therefor is evil.

But, what is evil? And why did the almighty creator let this in to the creation? There has to be a higher meaning for this obviously. If not, then the creator is not that omnipotent.

I think we all should study what Hidden Hand says in that dialogue from 2008.

And one more thing. If TPTB are worshippers of Satan, they surely kmows all about these prophecies and that God in the end will win. But! Why on earth do they then care about gun grabbing and why do they arm their own troops to the teeth? There are many more actions that are very "earthly" simultaneously as they go ahead with all this in Jerusalem?

Their plan is to prepare the world for the third world war. And playing different religions against eachother is the needed fuel for a disaster.

But in the end this is probably what was planned all along. They do what they are supposed to do before they leave this world.
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