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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Agreed, all religion are manmade, inclusive all the resulting problems.

Its said garden Eden was harmonic, but isnt harmony about balance? If everything is just onesided, nothing can evolve.
Evolve to what tho....?

What is paradise? What would you do in paradise? If paradise had all you ever wanted, what would be the point in "wanting" anymore? One would simply just be.

Evolving is learning, so free will and decision making is needed in order to learn. Decissions can be only made if there are things to chose from. Polarity is nessecary for options.

I dont believe in worshipping because this compromises free will again and alteres decissions according to the "word" of the worshipped.
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