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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This discussion is way more topical than you two realize...

We have had an Illuminati insider here earlier who explained the background to why they do what they do, and it went something like this (as far as I understand it):

We humans are the creation of a particular creation god known to us as Yawheh. Note that he is "a" god, not "The" god.

The Illuminati on the other hand are not of Yawheh, they are "guests" who on a soul level stem from another creator god known as Lucifer.

Now Yahweh was a bit of a control freak god who wanted his creations to dance to his tune, and who denied his creations free will. As a result, everything on Earth was perfect order and harmony, but spiritual progression was extremely slow. This era is know to us as the time of Eden or Paradise.

Yahweh was happy with the control, but not with the lack of progress. So he asked other gods for help. And it was determined that Lucifer would introduce some negative polarity and free will on Earth, just to shake things up.

Yahweh didn't like this idea, but he accepted it for the vain reason that he thought the love his creations held for him would be so strong they would refuse this sill "free will" notion and keep obeying him.

They (we humans) did not. They went with everything Lucifer proposed.

And then the benevolent god Yahweh turned into the jealous god Yahweh. You know, the Yahweh we all know from the Old Testament of the Bible.

To put it simply, Yahweh had a childish tantrum and sought revenge on his own creation, and on Lucifer for "leading them astray". He imprisoned Lucifer in his own (Yahweh's) realm, and Lucifer decided to be a shepherd to Yahweh's creation. Souls spawned from Lucifer began incarnating as Earth humans, in an effort to lead and guide them.

And the Illuminati has been doing it ever since. The guidance they offer is not of the obviously benevolent kind, because they are the patrons of our free will. For that reason, they will create polarity for us, and then shamelessly manipulate us into choosing the negative path.

The idea is not to harm us though, the idea is that we shall learn from the experience and evolve to the point of choosing the positive path, out of our own free will!

And that's why the Illuminati secretly produce BOTH good and bad things for us, even though they always push us towards the bad. They do this to put a choice before us, and they want us to choose good out of our own free will and understanding, so they make sure doing the right thing is never the easy and convenient path to take.

Anyone who thinks the Illuminati only produce bad things need to look a bit deeper. When you let go of your preconceptions, you'll find evidence of their handiwork in good things that happen too.

Yahweh is indeed being a "pissant", just as one of you combatants suggested above. But he still is, and will always be, our spiritual Father. We draw our life and very existence from him. He is the tree of which we are branches. This can never ever change.

So the solution to humanity's (and Yahweh's) problem, is to collectively grow the fuck up already. Lucifer is trying to help us do just that.

And believe it or not, progress is being made.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

I remember reading a interview at a website about it. To be honest, it made a whole lot of sense to me, it still does. Especially with everything going on worldwide, it explains pretty much.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35602948

Why would you believe such tripe?
Religion per the Bible: be your brother's keeper, take care of the orphans and widows, which means the HELPLESS, OPPRESSED AND VICTIMS
Religion per these wicked men: Rule through oppression, victimisation and by making people helpless

'Lucifer' was in the garden of Eden, a man.
He was created perfect until iniquity was found in him.
Adam was kicked out of the garden.
The occult exalt their 'Adam Kadmon'...their "primordial man"
Guess WHO?

Wicked man does one thing: they perceive their Creator in their own image and likeness

That alone tells you the heart and mind behind the post which somehow makes sense to you??????

The Greek word DEVIL means SLANDERER. Slanderer of what? OUR GOD AND CREATOR'S CHARACTER By you agreeing with that person, you are agreeing with a devil which makes you - A DEVIL.

Step back please and understand that the principalities that we fight against is wickedness in high places. Those very same 'illuminati' and so called J*e*w*s that can only control a world that they manipulate into rejecting Our Creator and salvation. As the light dims through real faith, the darkness that has been relegated to the far ends of the world and pushed underground and away from us is just flooding right back in. THIS is what the past 2,000 years have offered mankind - an environment in which all of God's creation has had the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Mankind thinks that they have a choice, thinks that there are two doors in front of them to choose from. But what they don't realise is that there is only one! Mankind is already in Adam, so there is only one way out - to be IN CHRIST. THAT is Our God's NEW CREATION. Adam is the old, and Jesus Christ is the new. Those wicked men want you to remain in the old creation and therefore YOU WILL CHOOSE TO REJECT JESUS CHRIST.

We live in a world that nearly all of the big Christian churches are part of this movement. We have experienced the falling away and the men of lawlessness are everywhere. They make the above slanderous arguments, and because you yourself have rejected the Truth, you are left with believing their lies as truths. And worse, it sounds "good" to you and makes "sense"?????
The Truth is Our Living God. John 3 categorically states that all who perish perish because they never learned to love the Truth. That those who perish and are condemned will believe the lie.

You have two choices: believe lies and slander from living devils or humble your heart before a MERCIFUL and GOOD CREATOR and tell Him that you don't know the Truth but that you would like to and that you value it above all else. For nearly 6,000 years Our Creator and God has shown patience and love to a rebellious creation, even physically dieing at the hands of wicked men as an innocent man, taking upon all of our sins so that we can be reconciled to the Most High Loving God that you could imagine.
Please stop listening to devils.
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