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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle NSF001
Post Content
Or is it just a coincidence? Seems as though most of it is accurate. Makes me wonder whether the Illuminati is having a great laugh.
 Quoting: Illuminus 35391653

Anything... Anything... ANYTHING... except for the truth, with you idiots.

Yeah, the Illuminati (and Satan) are having a great laugh... On you. Having deceived another clueless atheist that had all the forewarning a person could ever hope to have, and STILL coming up with the exact OPPOSITE of reality.

Should be entertaining, when you stand before God, having been given every imaginable chance in the world, but preferring lies and deception.

Enjoy the Mark. You'll be taking it, I would wager.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35745432

It is always about fear with you "christians" isn't it? What makes what you believe in any better then what another culture's belief systems are?
 Quoting: katballoo

Its honestly not about fear. Its about truth.

Judaism is the oldest belief system. Other cultures belief systems came from peoples who were worshipping the moon, the sun, etc. Mohammed based his religion on a moon god. Egyptians stole elements of their myths from the Jews, its been proven. The first two people had multiple children that spread out and peopled the earth, they fell away from fait in the true God, but much of the original Hebrew beliefs were included in the myths they created, thus the similiar ideas.

Christianity is the coming of the Jewish Messiah. I believe God will save some who have not heard the name of Christ.....depends on their heart. The Illuminati exists as a Luciferian pawn. They are not causing anything to happen, they want you to believe the lie you are buying. Anything to keep your eyes off the truth.

there is so much more evidence, but i dont have time to write it all out now. Christ is real, bible prophecy goes much deeper than the end times. The book of Daniel foretold of every empire and he order they rose and fall. At some point the self fulfillment idea becomes so insane its ludicrous.
 Quoting: Bsfc123

? so how old is Judaism then?
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