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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everything is going exactly how they want it to go.. People growing to HATE Christians and get everyone to steer away from Christ. If they're all under Lucifer and follow or "work for" the devil, so to say, wouldn't that be their main goal?
 Quoting: SnizzyOnTheBeat

I would say that it is the fanatical christians who turned me away from Christ.
 Quoting: katballoo

Though I would personally agree with turning away from Jesus, what a dumb move lol.

"I believe in you god but I wont anymore because of other people that believe in you" lol. Terrible logic
 Quoting: IamHim 34985387

Excellent point; proving that true Christianity is genetic: you're either born a child of God, or you're not. No child of God would ever be swayed by lies, because we recognize the truth -- it's in our hearts, minds, and DNA.
 Quoting: Daughter of the Revolution 2636202

foresealed into same, yes


so it be.
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