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Message Subject Is the Illuminati fullfilling the Book of Revelation on purpose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
duh. it's called self-fulfilling prophecy. set up some ancient books, make events steer towards them, then it seems all magickal and prophetic, but it's all engineered.;
 Quoting: Skin Suit

I would go further and say that a lot of people are putting energy into that prophecy, consciously or not. All thoughts manifest physically in some for or another and the more thought/energy you put into an idea the stronger the manifestation will be.
 Quoting: calx

"my people are dying for lack of knowledge"

dying ie: they will suffer the reward of a spiritual death

which is why so many will fall into temptation during the tribulation when they are offered all they could ever hope to believe upon on one hand, as given them by the brightest and most beautiful star of the heavens, in all his supernatural cherubic glory, unrestricted by the truth of any matter thus free to speak and proclaim all that they'd most wish to hear for the duration

as opposed to the hardline truth of the matter upon the other hand by those of their own brethren who've been through all hell and highwater non stop since their onset in flesh

look around...

how many do you discern capable of withstanding that silver platter that will be offered all in lieu of an altogether horrific parallel?

whereas the rest will spend the Millennium Age rueing their own choices, having been so readily and happily deceived

tribulation lasts 5 months, the millennium Age lasts a thousand years

not much of a trade off, rest assured

the fact remains that no one will be left alive in flesh on the first day of the Millennium Age, as flesh cannot exist in the higher density of a world wherein heaven and hell have been forcibly conjoined

"and in the last days they shall be giving and taking with the fallen angels, the nephillim, just as they were in Sodom and Gomorrah"

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13035550

We are already at the end of the Millenium.
Can you not see the deceived nations around you? And please stop listening to Jewish fables regarding angels. The sons of God took the daughters of men...daughters are goods and truths...the Sons of God starting believing man-made doctrine and dogma...just like they have today.

OP, my answer to your question is this: they are fulfilling the version of Revelations that they have sold to so many. The 'heavens and earth' passed when Jesus Christ destroyed the last apostate system in Judea. The kingdom that He ushered in isn't going anywhere and the gates of hell will never prevail against it. It will get battered, the power of the Holy people will be broken through tremendous destruction, but as promised, fire comes down from Heaven and destroys the ungodly. If you haven't noticed the millions already being destroyed through the fire of 'kundalini' and meditation, with the apostate preachers shouting "FIRE FIRE FIRE" and "BURN BURN BURN" over the heads of their congregation, then I do not know what else is going on except the "fired clay bricks" which formed the tower.

Our God is sovereign, and to this end, He warned us that the delusion would be so great that it would nearly fool the elect. History repeats itself for there is nothing new under the sun, what was will be again. All of us must be careful to prove and pray about everything. Words of men, both false and true, get stuck in our minds. Our Teacher can sort them for us if we seek His Truth. I certainly don't profess to understand but a small bit, but every day I ask and seek. As He delivered Lot and as He delivered Noah, so too will He deliver this time. Everything happening today is ultimately under His Authority. The wicked are just as deceived and those who they are deceiving, never understanding that they are fulfilling every last bit of this divine plan. We may never know this entire plan in this lifetime, but I await the day that we all come into the knowledge of just how everything done has been for a sole purpose - to show His Glory. We may reject this now with the cruelties at the hands of the most wicked of men, but ultimately my trust in His Vision and His Plan must prove greater than my mere limited human perception and thoughts. Until then, strengthen and comfort the hurt, the oppressed, the scarred, the victims and those who are fearful as He does for us. It will have an ending. It will all be finished. The curtain will be drawn on evil in the lives of the old creation. And no doubt, it will teach us the utter Sovereignty, the utter Goodness, and the utter Mercy of God and likewise the sheer madness and the sheer horror of what man was capable of without His Creator.
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